My favorite fashions for Fall

Just a few words.

Just a few words. Cashmere, blue jeans, ankle booties and pleather jackets. These fall essentials are classic and aren’t going away.  But when it comes to a well needed spruce-up, I have a few ideas. Swap that pleather jacket for a pleather skirt, switch out your cashmere sweater for a sweater dress or trade your blue jeans for an oversized jean jacket.  With these few simple adjustments to these classic staples you can refresh what might feel like a tired wardrobe. You can also experiment with knee-high or thigh-high boots instead of your classic bootie. These taller boots are a little bit sexy and definitely keep your legs warmer when it gets cold outside. As for color palettes, during the autumn season, I stick with dark purples, dark blues, browns and auburn. These warm colors add a touch of intensity to any outfit. And don’t forget the make-up and accessories! I usually pair a darker shade of lipstick with a grey sweater.  Chunky jewelry (especially bold statement necklaces and circle earrings) adds some drama too. My fall lookbook is coming soon so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for reading!




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