How to find your personal style… is it necessary to have one style?

     Ummmm hello, no way is it critical to have one style and not stray from it. Do you only listen to one type of music? I know I don’t. I need my Cardi B to get through those stressful school days, but I still love my ABBA in the summer! Fashion works exactly the same way. Some days, I’m a boho girl. Other days, I’m all about glam. Saturday night I might be in the mood to go full-on chic. Sunday afternoon I might feel my grunge side taking over. In other words, you don’t have to settle for dressing just one way. Admittedly, when I was younger, I tried hard to find my one “true” personal style, but I just couldn’t. I love so many.

     Of course, if YOU really want to find your core personal style, go for it. Experiment. Check out fashion magazines and browse social media sites. Try out a different style each week. Wear boho clothes one week, then take that vintage look for a spin. But for me, what works is not conforming to any one style because what makes fashion fun and exciting is that it’s always changing and evolving.  Styles and trends from the past are constantly coming back and making new waves. Just as we teenagers are constantly growing and shaping ourselves into new and improved versions of ourselves, fashion should be able to change with us. Thanks for reading!

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